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Installation Guides for CBR 600  

Instructions for 05-06-600RR
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Instructions for 07-13-600RR
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Header Instructions for 09-13
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Header Instructions for 07-08
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Installation Guides for CBR 1000

Instructions for 04-07-1000RR
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Instructions for 08-13-1000RR
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Sound Core

Sound Core Instruction
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Dynojet Downloads

Dynojet Power Commander map for CBR 1000RR 08-13
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Dynojet Power Commander map for CBR 600RR 07-13
07-10 _CBR
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Help or Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Hyperflo make any other exhaust systems other then those for the CBRs?

A. No, Hyperflo designed their systems specifically for the CBR's and did not design generic exhaust canisters for multiple applications.

Q. How hard is the system to install?

A. Each system comes with detailed step-by-step instructions outlined with pictures to make the installation as easy as possible. Professional installation is recommended for those who have never worked on motorcycles before.

Q. What happens if I already have a fender eliminator kit installed on my motorcycle?

A. You have the option to either remove the fender eliminator kit and use the integrated undertail kit that comes with the exhaust or you can keep the aftermarket fender eliminator kit. If you wish to keep the aftermarket fender eliminator kit, Hyperflo has designed their exhaust system so that you can remove all or part of the tail light, blinkers and plate mounts. These pieces easily unbolt and can be removed.

Q. What systems come with the tail light?

A. The 07-08 CBR 600RR system is the only system that comes with the tail/brake light. The 04-07 1000RRs and 05-06 600RRs have the stock tail light built into the tail fairing and therefore are not removed with the stock fender like the 07-08 CBR 600RR.

Q. What is the purpose of the EGT meter?

A. The EGT meter is an optional upgrade to any system. The temperature feedback gives the rider more information, especially when racing and pushing the engine to its maximum operating limits.

Q. What happens if I crash my bike?

A. If you bought you exhaust on our website you will be automatically registered. If you bought from a distributor, you should have registered after purchasing the system. You will then be eligible to receive a new exhaust at half of M.S.R.P. You must return the damaged system to Hyperflo. One claim per purchase.

Q. How loud are the systems?

A. If you are looking for a quiet system, this product is not for you. These systems were designed for track use and optimal flow performance. The result is a unique sound that is very intimidating with real deep tone resonances. Our customers love the sound of these systems.

Q. Does Hyperflo offer canisters made from other materials then carbon fiber?

A. No, the reason our systems use only carbon fiber is to insulate the heat from spreading out through the canisters and into the motorcycle. This is how we can eliminate the heat shield. The heat is forced out with the gases.

Q. Can I buy spare parts for my exhaust system?

A. Absolutely, unlike other exhaust companies, if you need an extra part for whatever reason, we are happy to supply it

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. We offer exceptional international rates for shipping our products.

Still have a question? Please contact us and we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.