The Buzz about Hyperflo

Received the exhaust yesterday and installed it this morning. I just want to firstly say a big thank you to you and everyone else at Hyperflo. From the moment I emailed you and spoke to you on the phone, you have been extremely accommodating. The delivery time (5 days from dispatch) is an amazing turn around time so your choice of courier is definitely A+.

Now, the product, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! It took me months to decide which exhaust to get. Researching Yoshimura's, Leo Vince, Two Brothers etc etc…. I must say…Hyperflo is top notch and I am extremely happy I made the decision to go with Hyperflo. Sounds amazing!!! Looking forward to other products in future and definitely looking forward to those headers you guys are working on.

Eugene, Systems Analyst

Thank you so much for all of your help. The system is amazing. I put it on the day I got it and everyone that has heard it have been impressed. It was very simple to install. It’s actually louder and deeper than I thought it would be.... that’s what is so awesome!! And what makes it better is that the cores really take a huge bite out of the sound for long rides. By far the best system ever manufactured for the CBR!!


I just got my Hyperflo off of another bike. I love it. The sound is like no other I have ever herd. I thought my bike was a magnet before, and it really is. The fit was great. The lights are great. The look and sound is great. I think this mod put a bigger smile on my face than any other. THANKS GUYS for making such a great system.


Received my exhaust today and have installed it. Very happy with everything, the sound is incredible, the power gains feel very noticeable and the look is 100% better. Very easy to install due to the fantastic instructions and everything fit perfect. So I would like to congratulate and say big thank you to your whole team.

Mick O.

I know that Hyperflo exhausts are specifically designed for Honda CBR's I literally cannot tell you how many times people would expect AT LEAST a 1000cc bike coming and see my little CBR600RR roll up. IT WAS RIDICULOUS!

Rick P.

Ever since I bought this bike in 2007, I’ve been wanting to customize it some way. Until this past weekend I haven’t done anything to it. I had been looking at all the options and had chose the Two Bros system. Then one day, I can’t remember how, I stumbled across Hyper-flo. WOW! Installed the system today and I honestly grin from ear to ear every start up or taking off from a stop. I’ve attached some pics and I’m putting a video on YouTube very soon.

Tony C.

Installed my exhaust this weekend on my 2007 CBR 600RR, and I'm loving it, can't wait to get out on bike night this Friday night and show her off. By far the easiest install I have ever done. Great instructions, easy to follow, love the pics. I'm even raving about it on my facebook page. Love your product, love the sound, gives me a little something to wake up my Harley Davidson neighbors with as they have done to me in the past.

MSgt. — USAF

I just bought one for my '09 CBR 600rr and it sounds and looks great. Very easy to install and great quality. Can't wait until spring! The fender eliminator that comes with the kit looks great. The sound is just insane!!! Very fast shipping and great customer service and directions on install. I have already showed it off to my fellow riders and their jaws just dropped !!! :) I definitely know you'll be hearing more from the boys up here in Toronto, Canada. GREAT PRODUCTAND GREAT SERVICE! THANKS.

Joe, Canada

Just want to let you know that your exhausts are awesome!! I was getting a lot of comments from other riders. At one point they even thought my bike was an R1 hehehehe. We ended up going from Marina del Ray to the Rockstore up on Mulholland drive. There was probably more than 200 bikes up there Sunday. Want to say thank you for getting my pipes in time for that ride.

William, CA

The system went on the bike perfectly. I have to say the quality is better then I expected, very impressive. I just can't get over the sound, my 600RR sounds like a 1000RR on steroids. This bike totally set me apart from my riding buddies. Great system, thanks!

Trenton B., Anaheim, CA

This system is a perfect fit!! Bright polished stainless steel components and awesome looking carbon fiber cans!! This kit is super top quality-flawless brackets and very nice integrated fender eliminator. Most complete kit I've seen!! Would definitely buy again!!! Great sound, loud!!! Would do again!

Brian W., Oacoma, SD

This is Barry from upstate NY. Just letting you know i put the exhaust on the other day. Went on like a charm, very easy. Lights are sleak looking and very bright for the size. The system is a so much cleaner looking design then the oem. I can't believe the sound of my bike now...WOW very unique :) Had a hard time deciding what exhaust to buy. But i feel hyperflo was the best decision.

Barry, NY

Wow!!! You can certainly tell the system was designed for the CBR. I have never felt such a noticeable difference in power from an aftermarket exhaust. And the system totally screams custom. Would recommend to anyone!

Jeffrey L., Mesa, AZ.

I just wanted to thank everyone at Hyperflo for the awesome customer service. I got the system 3 days after buying it, it went on without a hitch and just looks so clean on my bike, especially love the integrated FE kit. Totally different system then anything else I've bought. Love the sound! Thanks again!

Decker G., Potomac, MD.

WOW, got the parts in this weekend and installed smoothly. Again WOW… What a SOUND. The system is sick. Can't wait to show it off…or rev it up! Thank you very much to all of you at Hyperflo. You will be getting more phone calls from Hawaii soon…

Ryan, HI

G'day guys. My name is Michael (from Australia) and received my pipes that I ordered from you for my CBR600rr 08'. I forgot to send you a reply back when the pipes came, but better late than never.

They are soooo cool. I just wanted to say good job on the delivery and stuff. They came right on time and i had no problems fitting them thanks to the really good instructions. They look absolutely fantastic and sound incredible too. You guys are bloody fantastic!!. Do you have any idea how many looks i get from people on a Saturday night? Not to mention the look of terror on their faces when i kick it back 2 gears and gun it when people cross the road. IT'S GREAT FUN!!!

Michael C, Victoria, Australia

I just bought one for my '08 cbr 600rr and it sounds and looks great. Very easy to install and great quality. The only problem is we just got 12" of snow. Can't wait until spring! I bought a fender eliminator kit for it before i got this kit wish I would have waited the one that comes with the kit looks great. Very fast shipping and great customer service and directions on install. I have already showed it off to my fellow riders. GREAT PRODUCT THANKS.

Jason A.